From clients receiving trauma resolution sessions.


“After going through a traumatic incident it took me a while to realise that I needed some kind of help. I contacted The Serenitas Foundation, and even after one session I could see the benefit. They helped me get back to my normal self and get back to work. They are friendly and supportive throughout going at a pace led by the client. I would highly recommend their services.”

AD – Blue Light Worker, London

I went in to the sessions off the back of a very traumatic break-up, and on top of that I was having a very difficult time professionally. My apprehension and fears were settled immediately through the warm approach of my facilitator, and his outstanding ability to listen.

I will be forever grateful and thankful for the help The Serenitas Foundation has given me. The techniques used have worked wonders. They are experts at identifying the right techniques for your specific issues and needs. The very personal delivery made me feel like I was talking to a friend and allowed me to fully open up. I cannot recommend these services enough.

Later – “I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for helping me turn a massive corner this year and helping me through what was a really difficult time in my life. You really made this year a good one.”

SB – Blue Light Worker, London

“I had been scared of spiders ever since I could remember. While on holiday in the Caribbean and travelling in a taxi, a huge black spider ran from the back parcel shelf, over my shoulder, body and legs. I couldn’t jump out of the taxi as it was moving quickly and I felt trapped and fearful. This encounter left me with a vivid mental picture of the spider and a feeling of panic that wouldn’t go away. Wherever I looked I saw a huge black spider shape in front of my eyes. A short TIR session enabled me to confront this image and trace the cause of my spider phobia back to its root when I was a young girl. This erased the phobia forever and I can now pick up spiders and throw them out of the window!”

Estelle Post – Company Director, Cambridge

“I knew about TIR from emails and leaflets circulated around by the Serenitas Foundation & I attended a talk on it & eventually the TIR training workshop. In my experience I’ve never before found a therapy like TIR which works dramatically when applied with the proper procedure. It has helped me personally deal with an emotional trauma I had bottled up for 13 years and also helped handle the anxiety related with going back to my country of origin.”

Dr Sunday Olotu – Consultant Psychiatrist, Nigeria

“I had two major phobias: needles and snakes. In the past I have had to be physically restrained while the nurses put a needle in my arm. After a TIR viewing session about needles my phobia has gone. I gave a blood sample the other day and I didn’t get over anxious or hide away. Instead I watched the process and even helped the nurses to find a vein. This was unheard of in the past.

“With snakes, I couldn’t walk on grass or go to the zoo or anywhere that I might come in contact with them. After a single TIR session, I am completely free of the phobia. I even went to a pet shop and looked at the snakes to confirm everything was now OK!”

Lurline Clark – Cambridge

“My life has dramatically improved both internally and externally. By resolving subconscious associations and beliefs, my core beliefs about myself and my world are now aligned and not only have I been able to achieve long held external goals, the internal ‘conversation’ or base line has shifted from negative, limiting beliefs into empowered, realistic beliefs that serve me now.”

LR – Hertfordshire

I wasn’t able to mingle and chat to people like others do, I clammed up if people make the effort to come and talk to me, usually I would sit in a corner and pray I could be invisible. One innocent comment from a family member nearly 30 years ago, resonated in every bone, muscle and cell of my body every single day of my life. I believed for nearly 30 years that if I spoke out I would say something stupid, that others would think I was stupid, that I could never be clever like them…..I have avoided functions (even family ones whenever possible), and those that I could not get out of I would begin to panic about two weeks prior to the ‘big day’, getting more irritable and less able to sleep, the day itself resulted in me hiding in a corner if I could, and if not, sitting quietly not saying a word and hoping that no one would talk to me. Since my TIR session on Monday, I had not given the event on Saturday much thought and even when I did it was all very matter of fact. Arriving at the venue I glided in without a care in the world, introducing myself, asking questions, mingling! …. ME A MINGLER!! There was not one single moment when I felt uncomfortable, stupid or a need to hide. One TIR session, (incorporating basic TIR and future TIR) and 30 years of self doubt, insecurity and anxiety has finally been laid to rest, I am finally on my way to being the person I have always known I am inside.

I am so grateful to you for this wonderful opportunity, you have truly turned my life around.

GK – London

“Prior to the course of treatment at Serenitas, I had already received treatment for mental health problems over several years. In my case, previous treatment was not effective in addressing either the cause or the symptoms of the problems. Although other forms of treatment were not successful, with Serenitas I made substantial and sustained progress.

These are some of the improvements that I would identify as a consequence of meeting with Serenitas: reduced anxiety, reduced anger, reduced intrusive thoughts and improved concentration.

In turn, these improvements have had an extremely positive impact on my career, my capacity for enjoyment, and my outlook for the future. “

GI – Cambridge