What is TIR?

Traumatic events can stay with us for life. Every day a reminder of what has been. TIR, if practiced correctly, can completely eliminate these issues, allowing a person to move on and live normally again.

TIR is a unique method of treating trauma in that it gives a person as much time as they need to examine and relive the issue that is troubling them. By looking at it again and again it gradually becomes less painful until eventually the person reaches an ‘end point’. By now the trauma is no longer a problem and the viewer obtains relief which is usually permanent.

Dr. Valazquez-Garcia Executive Director, The Traumatology Center for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean


Compared to other treatment methods, TIR works quickly. It is practiced in a safe environment, one-to-one, with no distractions, no judgements, and no comment.

It was first introduced in the USA in the early 1980s by Frank Gerbode MD of the Institute for Research in Metapyschology in California. TIR earned a higher profile when it was used to help Vietnam veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and later victims of rape and natural disaster.

But it can work for anyone, no matter how big or small the issue seems.