Caring. Compassionate. Committed.

The Serenitas Foundation, based in Cambridge, is the only UK charity focussed on promoting Traumatic Incident Reduction, or TIR, as a means of dealing with trauma and related mental health conditions.

From combat to car crashes. From bullying to knife crime. From redundancy to bereavement. Trauma, in its different forms, can touch all our lives in some way.

TIR is known to be highly successful in freeing people from the after-effects of trauma and resolving related conditions such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fears and phobias.

Here at The Serenitas Foundation we believe all people have a right to this freedom. We want TIR to be the common solution to trauma, and we are doing this by training, delivery and research.

Colin Stroud, Director, “The Serenitas Foundation”

Please read on to see how TIR can work for you. We want to hear from you if:

  • You are seeking help for yourself or others using TIR.
  • You want to learn TIR and work with us as a volunteer or intern.
  • You represent a charity helping people with mental health issues and are considering a partnership.
  • You are a mental health professional and would like to know more about increasing your effectiveness with TIR.
  • You are a representative of a company seeking help with stress in the workplace.
  • You are interested to talk to us about a research project.