Reducing Stress and Trauma

The Serenitas Foundation has received a Big Lottery Award for training in TIR.

“Reducing Stress and Trauma in the Community” is a project created by The Serenitas Foundation and is designed to train charity workers in effective methods to help people under their care to resolve traumas and other related mental health issues. The Serenitas Foundation is excited to announce that it has won a Big Lottery Award to help bring this project idea into being.

Charity founder and director , Colin Stroud, said

“Charities are affected by trauma in two ways. Workers and volunteers can experience compassion fatigue or burnout. Clients’ ability to respond to assistance is made less effective by effects of trauma. Not all clients benefit from the help they are offered and these ‘revolving door’ cases can absorb a high proportion of time and effort. Effective methods such as TIR can bring positive outcomes for both groups.

“The Big Lottery Award will help bring awareness of the effects of trauma to the fore. Being adversely effected by trauma is not a naturally persistent state. With this award, we hope to show that lay people with an intention to assist others can be trained to help in a profound and life changing way.”

The Serenitas Foundation is looking for interested charities who would like to put forward employees, or volunteers to learn TIR under close supervision. Please contact us to find out more.