The Story So Far

The Serenitas Foundation is committed to helping people whose lives have become overwhelmed by one or more traumatic events, recent or historic.

The Serenitas Foundation was set up in 2010 by Colin Stroud and Estelle Post. Together they run a successful international export business.

It had been an idea that brewed slowly after many years of learning about and practising TIR. They saw a need to expand this distinct method of dealing with trauma in the UK. Between them they have endowed the charity with an initial capital and are now working to push the organisation forward.

The Charitable Objects of The Serenitas Foundation are:

    1. For the benefit of the public, the promotion and preservation of good mental health of people suffering from Post Traumatic symptoms, or similar mental illness, by:
      • the provision of and training in Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), a method for the resolution of trauma and its related conditions; and
      • undertaking research into TIR and its related health benefits, and disseminating the useful results of said research to the wider public.
    2. To advance the education of the public in the concepts of Student Centred Learning and Democratic Learning, in particular but not exclusively by undertaking research into the benefits of these concepts and disseminating the useful results to the wider public.”

As a company limited by guarantee, The Serenitas Foundation was awarded charitable status in December 2010.