• Colin Stroud
    Co-founder and director of The Serenitas Foundation
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    Twenty five years ago, Colin, then a young businessman, started having heart palpitations and chest pains. He found himself unable to sleep and drank alcohol to help with this. He was pushing himself too hard. Unresolved issues from his childhood and school days had followed him into his adult life and were now being triggered by his role as manager of people. This had placed enormous stress on him.

    Finally, Colin discovered he had been suffering from post-traumatic stress.

    “I was a terrible manager, ready to be triggered at any time, deeply intolerant of mistakes and bawling my staff out. Now, mistakes don’t wind me up and I point out to them that the best way to learn is to mess something up. I also tell them that there is not an error they can make that cannot be overcome. Work is much more enjoyable.”

    Today Colin continues to work as an international trader, but is passionate and dedicated to the cause of The Serenitas Foundation. His belief in TIR stems from the fact it was the only “method” that got to the root cause of his problems and allowed him to face them and deal with them. Other therapies took the top off the issues, but TIR went far deeper, resulting in a huge reduction in personal stress.

    He believes TIR should be an option that is available for all and is ideal for both one-way professional delivery or as a peer and reciprocal “two-way” activity in the field of personal growth.