The work of The Serenitas Foundation would be impossible without volunteers, people who are caring, compassionate and committed to bringing TIR to a wider audience.

The Serenitas Foundation has a core group of volunteers training in TIR. Some are counselling professionals. The rest are people who simply want to make a difference.

The Foundation offers TIR sessions to people in need. Staff and interns will provide full back up and training to organisations and the people they support.  The first level of training is the 4 day Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop (TIRW). This is offered to both professionals and lay persons. There is a reduction in fees for those wishing to join us as interns.

After the workshop, interns are expected to work together in co-facilitation pairs. We expect interns to commit to 5 to 6 hours per week in a minimum of two sessions and that the entire training process should take about 9 to 12 months and involve around 100 hours of session time.  Second and third level workshops are offered covering the full range of techniques: Life Stress Reduction & Case Planning and Expanded Applications.

After training, an intern would become very well equipped to handle most situations with proper supervision and, assuming all skills have been properly acquired could apply to become accredited as a TIR Facilitator or LSR Facilitator.

The Foundation provides free monthly workshops to interns as well as full support and supervision.

We are approaching local and national charities and other organisations who are providing mental health services to introduce TIR to them which will be done in short TIR Awareness workshops.

The next series of TIRW workshops will be commencing in October 2011. More detailed information can be found at the TIRA website here.