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Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop (TIRW)




This workshop covers the nature of trauma, the consequences of traumatic incidents, and the Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) technique.
The workshop also teaches Unblocking, a technique that is highly useful in preparing a client for TIR and for handling issues that are not directly trauma-related. Unblocking can be applied to broad areas of life (e.g. “your self-esteem”, “your career”, “your relationship with your spouse”, etc.).

The TIR Workshop presents a new paradigm of safety and effectiveness for helping others. Upon completing this training, a practitioner can expect to get good results applying what has been learned. It is recommended that the newly-trained practitioner do a post-workshop internship to quickly raise his/her level of skill and confidence.

Supervision and co-facilitation is available at additional cost. Please enquire about AMI/TIRA Certification and our Internship Programme.

Please contact us for further details and to book your place.

You may download a .pdf file detailing the workshop contents here.